Thursday, 22 October 2009

hey, wait.

i know its been a long time, but i just found saved on a sticky this train of thought list from being really stoned one night by myself at oxford watching some movie about dragons. 

look up 

deaths in child birth during middle ages 

-maedchen in uniform!!

hot teenage merlin!??

-watch 'merlin' 

-having time to think before writing papers is rad 

i need to stop being a baby and slamming doors and stomping away from people

really need to look into science fiction as postmodernism

middle ages are so weird!!! 

i miss wendysdays/taco bell tuesdays 

i guess i dont really care about "europe"

maybe i should read some serioius scifi this summer!?

'men of gods' 

how the fuck can i be a feminist for a livng? do i have to teach? 

look into teach for america-- actually

why does every year look better in retrospect?

i miss smoking weed with sonja!

he rules the dragons!?!!!!!!!!???????

this is the best decision ive ever made


omg does she have the gift too??

am i really crazy for stealing my roommates things all the time?


LOLing tyo myself wayy too hard

omg excalbur relfection shows if youre good/evil

this is cool. not ashamed. so honest.