Tuesday, 16 June 2009

the best thing ever.

hey guys, here's a story. 
so i was in starbucks just now after watching a movie for my film class in the library, and i see these weird tattooed dudes all in black walk in, and one of them is wearing an sf hat and looks so familiar to me but i can't figure out where from! so i'm muggin, and i walk past them out the door. then am like, wait a second, i'm just gonna go back. so i ask the dude "are  you from sf?" and they all answer really excitedly "no dude, but we're from the west coast!" and i'm like "cool, me too" and then the main guy is like "yeah let's hug it out" and gives me a hug and im all wtf!? and then say bye and leave and as i leave the dude is like "fuck yeah AMERICA" and i run to catch the bus and i'm all "that was fucking weird, where do i know that guy from??" so i go home and google who is playing in oxford in the next couple days and its 
LOL wtf. i guess he thought i was a fan and just looking for a stupid reason to say hi to him. 
literally the funniest thing thats happened in so long. 

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